Protameen Chemicals, Manufacturer and Distributor of Specialty Materials for the Personal Care Industry.


Re-fatting/moisturizing agents- Protachem ISL, Protachem ISP, any of the PEG Castor Oils and PEG Hydrogenated
Castor Oils Lanolin products can be added to enhance skin feel and remoisturize the skin.
They also improve the feel of foam.

Synthetic detergents-Protapon AC-85, Protapon 30-A and Protapon 24 A can be added to product combo bars (combination soap and syndet) which have a lower pH then pure soap, foam better in cold and hard water and
do not strip essential oils from the skin.

Quaternary compounds-some cationic materials are compatible with anionic soap bars. Materials like
Protachem SDM can be added to add a conditioning afterfeel to the skin.

Anti-bacterial - Triclosan can be added to bar soaps to support a deodorant or ant-bacterial claim.