Protameen Chemicals, Manufacturer and Distributor of Specialty Materials for the Personal Care Industry.


 A  Protachem 400 (PEG-400) (Protameen) 22.0
 A  Protachem GL-7(Glycereth-7) (Protameen) 5.0
 A  Menthol (Protameen) 0.1
 A Protachem AWS-100 (PPG-5-Ceteth-20) (Protameen) 5.0
 A  Fragrance(Carrubba B2739) 0.8
 A  Deionized Water 66.8
 A  Unicide U-13 (Imidazolidinyl Urea) (Protameen) 0.3

Procedure: Add the first four ingredients, and heat to 50 C. Cool to 40 C

Next add the remaining ingredients one at a time with mixing. 

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