Lance gives Tommy C, Protameen's newest salesman a tour of a
production run
The Gentleman relax at the plant
Happy Birthday Alexis Christmas picture day!
Morrissey from the Villanova School of Business audits
our Production facility
Jesse receives a tour of our facility! The crew celebrates Nicoles B-Day!
A surprise party for Matt's up coming wedding!! The Group at the NYSCC Show 2015!
A surprise baby shower for John! Congrats!!! The blizzard of 15!


  Alexis and Nicole Sing at Protameen's Christmas Party Protameen's Christmas party

Holly celebrates 4 years
as Protameen's Sales Person
for the Chicago and surrounding
contact Holly

  Mr Ball reviews accounts with the sales team Matthew, the crew, and Wendy viewing a production run...
  Mr Balsamides, Owner of Protameen still hard at work... Nicole celebrate Halloween..
  Alexis and the crew celebrate her Birthday!
  The Crew visit Aromac Inc, Protameen's newest manufacturing site

Protameen receives USA Flag actually flown over Bagdad honoring
Protameen's commitment to our troops


  Mr Balsamides Sr President of Protameen review the 1st production batch produced with Dave Cooper of Aromac Inc.
Protameen's Newest Partner
Richie celebrates another b-day with the group,
Nicole, Carola, Cynthia, Desiree

  The Girls prepare samples for the 2014 SCC Suppliers Day

Dave Cooper explains the Flaking Procedure to the
Sales Team


Alexis, Holly, and Amanda ready for the SCC Suppliers Day 2014!
Our Booth 2014 SCC Suppliers Day

Jim and Dominic of Pacific Coast Chemical visiting Tom and Mr Ball to discuss
our expansion of business on the west coast!
Carol celebrates A special Birthday,
Carol is one of Protameen longest
and most valued member of our team!
  Celebrating Renee's Birthday! Happy B-Day! The sales team at an off site sales meeting in Monmouth Beach NJ
  Manny Balsamides's Grand Daughter makes the cover of SPC Publication Carla in training with John and Greg

  Lance explains to Nicole how Esters are produced Lance's Birthday celebration - Nicole has to be in the picture!

  Ernie is ready to ship for you! Tom and Carol working too hard!