A Unique Specialty for your personal care formulations!

These unique water-soluble esters allow moisturization, emolliency, and a high level of skin and hair conditioning, usually exclusive to
anhydrous emulsion systems, to be incorporated into clear, water-based formulations.

In hair care products Pro-aqua ISL is ideal for enhancing shine, manageabilityand “feel” into crystal clear shampoos,
styling gels, styling mousse, and hair sprays.

In skin care products (body and hand washes, clear deodorants, clearanti-perspirants, non-alcoholic toners and splashes, and anti-bacterial handgels) provide anaesthetically pleasing after feel, which is soft and smoothwithout any sign of oiliness or greasiness.In addition,
Proaqua ISL and can be used as primary or secondary emulsifiers.

It is non-ionic and stable over a wide pH range(4.0 – 9.0). With as little as 2.0%, added to the water phase, stable, soap free emulsions
can be formed
which not only exhibit exceptional stabilitybut have the added benefit of moisturizing the skin or hair.