Dark Tanning Lotion – Formulation

Protameen Chemicals, Manufacturer and Distributor of Specialty Materials for the Personal Care Industry.

A*Protachem ISP (Isostearyl Palmitate) (Protameen)39.8
AProtachem IPM (Isopropyl Myristate) (Protameen)10.0
AProtachem CTG (Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides) (Protameen)20.0
ACarnation Mineral Oil (Witco)25.0
AProtaphenone - 3 (Benzophenone - 3) (Protameen)4.0
AVitamin E Acetate (Protameen)0.5
AAloe Vera Oil Extract Regular (Protameen)0.5
AFragrance # 7c002181 (Cosmo International)0.2
  1. Add the first five ingredients and warm to dissolve the Protaphenone-3.
  2. Cool the product to 40 c and add in the reaming items while mixing.

* This formulation shows the benefit of Protachem ISP in reducing the greasiness of mineral oil containing products.

“The above information is believed to be correct, but is offered without warranty. Freedom from patent infringement is not to be inferred.”

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